The War to End All Wars and It's Superior

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World War I, which prior to World War II had been described as The War to End All Wars, the Great War, or the World War, can easily be described the first unmitigated war. The countries involved in this all-out war utilized every available resource and military advancement to achieve victory, which in terms of financial and human costs led to new statistical milestones. Although this war began with an assassination, the basic reasons for this conflict were political and economic differences created in Europe in the previous century. Branching from the military advancements of World War I, World War II ushered ranged rockets, stronger tanks, effective aircraft, and the atomic bomb. With countries utilizing every accessible human and economic resource, civilians became more and more involved in the war. This involvement only made it easier for new heights of immorality on the battlefield, as the bodies of millions of innocent civilians demonstrate.

World War II was primarily caused through Germany's resentment toward their WWI loss, the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, as well as their violation of the Treaty of Versailles. The statistical tolls of World War II were not only inconceivable in their numbers, but also their barbaric cause.

The enormous increase of deaths caused by World War II could easily be linked to Nazi Germany. With Germany stuck in a desperate depression, it was perfect timing for Adolf Hitler to boost Germans pride by claiming they were a Superior Race, promise "living space" and more land, appropriate funds from his own working countrymen, and create "youth organizations" which "conditioned" Germany's children in National Socialism. This incomprehensible death toll could easily be repeated this day and age. Depressions, poor living conditions, susceptible citizens, land disputes, as well as malicious and narcissistic influence can be found just...