is war good or bad

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We live in the day and age where war is a part of life that brings a lot of controversy between what's right and wrong. It seems like you are either for it, or you are toally against it. War has always fallen in that grey area category. There's always some sort of loop holes and shady things that go on behind the scenes. It doesn't matter who goes to war in the world, it's one of those things where everyone is affected by it. Wars can make or break and economy. Wars are often faught over the dumbest things. Whether it's for some kind of resource or some retalliation on an act of terrorism. War is a fact of life that we just have to deal with.

In my opinion, I think going to war is only valid when it's for the right reason. If another country comes in and fucks with you, then all the power to you to retaliate.

I'm sick of countries going to war with each other over stupid democricies and being power hungry. It really baffles me how some of these corrupt leaders come into power. The president of your country should be someone who everyone looks up to and respects. That's the problem too, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in this country especially, we are never going to all agree on the same leader. Being in control of an entire country is a lot of responsibility and I think some people undermine that. I'm not saying our current president sucks, but he is far from being even close to the best president we've had over time.

I think going to war isn't exactly ethical, but it is needed in times. Some countries get out of hand and bully smaller countries...