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Evaluate how Vera Brittain criticises those who believe that war is holy.Comment how she uses language and linguistic devices to convey her opinions on war.

Vera Brittain worked as a Sister,V.A.D. and orderly in the hospital.The fact that she took up three jobs shows that there was probably not enough staff working in the hospital."Kept on the go" shows that she never stopped since there were too many patients.In spite of her hard work,only a few survived while the rest died.

Vera Brittain,based on her experience,criticises the "orators" and "writers" who glorify the war and consider them as "holy".She comments that if only "they could see the poor things burnt and blistered" and believed that they would change their opinions on war.

The author used the word "heaps" to describe the patients. This probably shows that people were being treated as inanimate objects piled on top of each other to emphasise on the pathetic state and shows the lack of space in the hospital.

Vera Brittain used hyphens to highlight the pain and consequences of mustard gas.I think the author probably wanted to create a sad and depressing feeling in us.

"Burnt and blistered" and "blisters, with blind eyes" show the alliteration with the repetition of the "b" sound to show the harsh realities of war.

The author probably used long sentence structure to show the continuous difficulties faced by the soldiers.

There is a tense change between the first and second paragraph.I think that the writer used this to show a hurrying and urgent feeling.I feel that the device used here is quite effective since I can somehow feel what the writer had felt.

The author used "gases cases" to describe the injured soldiers in the hospital. I think she used this...