War on Iraq.

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Why We Should Not Go To War With Iraq

Iraq does not pose a threat worthy of war, because no strong evidence links to terrorist groups and there is no present evidence that there are weapons of mass destruction. America is marching towards a war that will have horrible consequences, not only for the United States but for the entire world. Such an invasion of Iraq and removal of its leader, Saddam Hussein, by force could lead to more anti-Americans in the Middle East and inspire acts of terrorism against innocent Americans and its allies.

A non-profit research organization stated that "Although numerous allegations by the Bush administration that Saddam has close links to Islamic terrorist groups and say that they have classified intelligence to prove this. They have so far refused to reveal this evidence to the public or even its allies."(cooperative search) There is no reason to suspect that he had anything to do with the September Eleventh attack on the World Trade Center.

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According to the New York Times the rumor that was going around in the media that the terrorist ring leader met secretly with an Iraqi operative in Europe turned out to be false.

Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator, almost as brutal as the rulers of communist China and North Korea, but neither his brutality to other Iraqis or even to others in the Middle East necessarily assert going to war against him. Saddam has done nothing to the United States. He supposedly has "weapons of mass destruction," mainly poison gas that he used against the Kurds of his own state, but he never even suggested using them against the United States. Despite what the Bush administration and the mass media have been claiming, there is absolutely no evidence...