The War on Iraq         As many of you have perhaps

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The War on Iraq As many of you have perhaps heard, many humans around the world have been opposing American confrontations with Iraq. The demonstrators feel as though I am making a mountain out of a molehill. Some are even using peculiar phraseology, calling me a creator of genocide. But I am telling you, my fellow Americans, I only want to ameliorate current conditions. We, as Americans, have to take charge, for we are fishing in troubled waters.

Saddam Hussein is a danger. His bestial actions are not only a threat to us Americans, but also to other Iraqis. His values are dead. This individual is creating a universe of fear, and we will not put up with it. Allowing Saddam to continually act in such a fascist manner serves no good purpose. In fact, it is impermissable. Ergo, it is time for Americans to take charge, and convey the values of freedom we constantly advocate.

We have to cut this man down to size, and eliminate any prospective terrorization.

Currently, my administration has been pressing the UN Security Council to approve a resolution, which will make Iraq give up any clandestine weapons. If Iraq refuses to do so, I am not afraid to bring forth my sword, and deracinate Iraq's weaponry myself. We must defend our democratic vitality. We must constitute freedom.

A revolution lies right around the corner, and our security is uncertain.

As Americans, we have to defend ourselves, and prove to the world we will not be subjected to Saddam's idiotic behavior. Acting now will eventually give rise to peace. As leader of this nation, my primary goal is to create a symbiotic relationship with Iraq, where we will one day stand shoulder to shoulder. But in order to accomplish such a position, we first have to address the bloodstained tyranny at our feet. This issue has become macroscopic, and the time has come to fight for justice.