War in Iraq. Satiricle solution for the War in Iraq and the real solution to get things running in Iraq.

Essay by Falcon December 2003

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t is May 1, 2003 President Bush has said that major combat in Iraq is over. That was the first task in the war now that it is somewhat over the next task is that we have to rebuild Iraq. But how are we going to rebuild Iraq? That is one of many questions that are yet to be solved. President Bush says that we should send more money and troops there. But with my experience and superior intelligence I say that we should find Saddam and put him back in power and we should send more money it might take some time but hey its worth it. I mean that a lot of good could come out of this think of the endless possibilities.

There are so many benefits to my solution. First of all Saddam know his people pretty well I mean he knows how to handle them pretty well if you ask me.

To put it in simpler terms be kind to his supporters and kill all of his non-supporting citizens I mean its efficient, everyone will like him (forcefully but hey as long as they like him I'm okay). Then with all the money we send to Iraq actually Saddam he could build more palaces around the country. He would most probably look at what he has done to the Kurds and lovingly embrace them with missiles and bombs. He also could then realize his dream to build weapons of mass destruction He would then cry with tears of joy saying "Mommy wow! I have weapons of mass destruction now!" He then would most probably send them to all the nations who were involved in the coalition He would be at least nice enough to send a thank you note for putting him...