Was the war in Iraq (this time) justified?

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The term war is defined as the following: 1) armed conflict or fighting between nations or factions. 2) Any conflict of struggle. The term "justified" is used to define the United States as free of blame for its part in the war. Was it right for us to go to war with Iraq? Were reasons for war the right ones? I have to rely on my personal opinion, which I feel this war was not justified.

Saddam Hussein is out of power, for Iraq maybe it's justified. The people can rebuild, if they know how. The people that died and their loved ones will never see them again, this is not justified. Soldiers gave their lives for this war. Will the results be good in the end? We can only wait and see what happens in the end of it all. The first article that I had read was from the Washington Post and it claims President Bush went to war for the wrong reasons.

They state the war happened due to Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction that were an urgent danger to the United States and if we waited or never acted, it might have been too late. The article says there was a weapon inspector that says he believes Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, so maybe we launched the war on false pretenses due to the president eagerness to have this war.

As of February 13, 2004, 538 Americans have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq. This number includes non-combat deaths and only represents the loss from the American side of the war. I have read, "The Associated Press," about many of these United States Soldiers that were killed. The majority of them have families who now have to live...