The War Of Jinkins’ Ear

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Sometimes I question meaning of our existence in this world. We, human beings simply go back to where we came after our death, but where do we go? There are many theories about afterlife, but no one knows the answer except people who died. Once a great British scholar Bacon said "Human created religion because they feared death while they created society because they feared life itself." As we can see from Bacon's idea, fear of death and afterlife has been mystery since the beginning of the time. Humans fear what they don't understand and I do too fear what would happen afterlife. With a lot of question still remaining on my mind I begin my journey to This book is called, The War of Jenkins' Ear by Michael Morpurgo explains what will happen if Jesus from our religion comes back to life and try to teach us, like it says in bible.

We believed religion like decades ago. But if someone says he/she is god (Jesus), they usually burned alive. People believed religion, but why they did this? This is kind of event happen to Christopher, who is Second Jesus come back to earth. Story begins when new boy comes to Toby's school at Redland (Private). Christopher, who was quite smart, he was new student, and Toby becomes his best friend. Christopher tells him little secret that he is second Jesus come back to earth. So Christopher, Toby, and Hunter (who is another follower of Christopher) trying to teach people around school. But people usually don't believe if one says he is Jesus, it doesn't come out to be good one.

This story begins in Redland, private school. Where rules were really strict. Where no one could cross the river between Redland and Village. They were having war against each other. There's new kid named Christopher who stands up to the toughest teachers and the nastiest bullies, but doesn't want to join in the war against the village kids. Toby knew something was different. They become best friend, and Christopher shares little secret with him, and together, they try to stop the war.

Main character was Toby, who was follower of Christopher, The Second Jesus. He was best friend of Christopher, and respected him when he told Toby that he was Jesus. Since Toby didn't believe him in first place, Christopher had to perform a miracle to him. He have girlfriend named Wanda, who was Oik (Villager people across of river), but working for the school. This character loses faith on something he really believed, when Christopher was expelled from school. Well, he was just student who was not that popular, but when Christopher came in he become popular. I think he become another person when Christopher came to him. We always have second thoughts, like us, this character does too. As it say in page 161, "He did believe in Christopher; he'd only be telling the truth. If he said yes he'd be keeping the faith, he'd be standing by Christopher. It would be the honorable thing to do, the right thing. He would be like Sydney Carton on the scaffold in A Tale of Two Cities"¦ but then the doubts came flooding in." "“ it's his thoughts. This character was interesting and more fun than hear about what's inside of Christopher's head.

Theme of this book is what you believe. We believe religion that even though we don't know if it's true or not. In the story, main character and followers of Christopher lose faith when his power took long time. They thought they had faith on him, but there was second thought maybe not. I\\n this book, there are many other themes too. War is not over by throwing rocks to enemy, but by throwing away rocks on your hands. Christopher teaches whole school about it, and they began to learn. As Christopher says in page 149, "They have to learn. They have to learn to share this river, and we have to learn to share this river"¦" I think whole book tell us that, even though having whole part is better for you, but you have to look at other people and think about them, not just yourself. I think Christopher tried to teach them that, but he was expelled, like Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

I liked this book a lot, because it is story that I want to experience. It tells us that if Jesus came back to our lives, there will be some of us who will not believe it and just deny it. Humans are not always perfect, I think that's why we believe that there is gods, who can do anything perfect and immortal. Believing is good, because we always can have faith on it. But it also tells us that, since God we believe has gone for long time, we keep losing faith. We always get second thoughts if it is real or not. This book is for everyone, even though you don't believe in religion, because it doesn't really about religion, but what will happen to the world if Jesus is returned. I think author did very good job, not writing anything against any religions. But when you picked this book, you got to read it to end, because beginning is somewhat boring. You will wonder whole day why this story end like it did, thoughts about what will happen to future in this story.