Is war justified or not? A detailed explanation.

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Is war ever justified?

Is war ever justified? I would say yes. Others would say no. I believe that there are some situations that resort to going to war and that there are some that do not. If Britain hadn't declared war on Germany when they invaded Poland, what would have happened? Would Jews still be persecuted? Would Hitler have had his "perfect" race or blonde hair and blue eyes? Would most of Europe now not be speaking English or French, Spanish, Portuguese etc., but be speaking German?

Britain had to resort to going to war or nothing would have stopped Germany from getting what they wanted. And many other situations not unlike world war 1 and 2 called for equally strong action to be taken.

Some people say that violence never solves anything. Well something's cannot be solved without violence. For Hitler, there was nothing to stop him.

He believed in a perfect race, nothing else. For there only to be the people that he wanted. Jews were murdered in the thousands because they didn't have the same colour of skin as he wanted, they did not believe in the same things and even because of the clothes that they wore they were persecuted. I for one would say that to stand back and let that happen is the same as being defined as a murderer.

War should not be undertaken lightly. It should be used as a last resort in the very gravest of conditions. War has its setbacks, I'll agree with that. Millions of innocent and non-innocent men have died over the years because they have fought for their country. They thought it was an honour to fight and die for what you believe in, and it is. But the repercussions of any war are always...