War on Konoha.

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War has begun in the Fire country, enveloping the citizens on Konoha. As more people join the war, the children begin to take over their duties. Most having no constructive skills, were forced into training for the war. They feel an urge to gain strength, often leading them to dual each other. Two enemies soon will confront each other for that reason.

Shin walks down the streets of Konoha searching for a sign that would lead to food. His jacket hangs lazily open showing his blue shirt and black pants. Suddenly reaching the edge of a park, he begins to slouch. Emptying his left pocket shows a lot of space and plenty of lint. "I was hoping to get more provisions here. But I can't find didly squat in this city!", he says to his own feet. With the mention of food his stomach begins to rumble loudly.

Jaou had began his morning walk around Konoha, finding old friends and new travelers.

He didn't know why they were, but it was one of those random things. He continued to walk around, and a cold breeze slapped him in the face. As a chill ran up his spine, he cracked his neck. The sunlight was beaming down on him, and he felt warmth spreading through him. Jaou looked around, and noticed the boy walking around.

He knew that he could help him, but he also knew that he could get something out of it. He needed to train today, and he knew that this kid could help him do just that, so he made his decision. "Hey kid, if you want some food, and I know you do, all you have to do is beat me in a fight. I will fill your gut with so much food, you will throw up," Jaou yelled at the boy. He had to go through with his plan, and now it would come to be.

Noticing someone yelling at him, Shin glanced towards the stranger but didn't quite stray from his thoughts of filling his belly. Then suddenly he heard the mention of food, and brightened, showing a large grin. "Two challenges....my lucky day. A lesson from the Ethos of chivalry.....one must never run from a challenge." After accepting the challenge, Shin extended his hand to shake. "Names Shin. Can we make it a Taijutsu match. Can't focus my chakra at the moment," he says with an awkward grin as his stomach begins to rumble.

Jaou knew that this was going to be a good fight. He thought about making it a Taijutsu fight, but then remembered that he had lacked Taijutsu skills. He thought about it, and decided that he should train his Taijutusu. A few more moments of contemplation made him realize he was going to regret this later. "I agree to make this a Taijutsu fight, on one condition," Jaou said. "After the fight, you teach me a few Taijutsu techniques."

Shin could only agree to that request if he wanted the real fun begin