The "War on Terror"

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The "War on Terror" in Iraq is causing a uproar in America, citizens no longer find it necessary to continue letting the troops stay in Iraq. This is causing them to protest and to wrongly prosecute the government, but at the same time the media will not give us a clear understanding of the war. If the government can not give use good reasons to keep fighting, why should we continue to support it? Many famous writers are now making their voices heard on the subject of war, including a recent article written by Howard Zinn, he states that the war is a violation of morality, and that we no longer have a logical reason to fight in the first place. Yet at the same time renowned author Elie Wiesel supported the war in Iraq and claims that the government is doing the best it can. So amidst this struggle who are we to believe? Since we are not given the immediate facts of the war, we are lead to believe that there is nothing to stand for, but if you look into it, you get the same result.

There is in fact nothing left to stand for, we have completed what we have set out to do. The war is being carried out, but Americans aren't being informed on what the crisis is, so this makes them assume that it is worthless and that it is no longer a cause in which they should stand for.

Howard Zinn is completely against this war, he states that "Iraq may possibly be on the way to developing one nuclear weapon. But none of these facts or conjectures, even if true, make Iraq a clear and present danger. The fact that Iraq is a tyranny would not, in itself,