War On Terror

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Brandon Thomas

Dr. Shadi Neimneh

English 1213-996

6 May 2011

The "War on Terror":

Who are we fighting?

September 11th, 2001, America was attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists that hijacked four different American airliners, crashing three into their intended targets. The attacks were a build up of hatred toward western civilization and the way we run our day to day lives, however, after the attacks it was announced that the United States under president George W. Bush would be launching an attack of its own on the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. While Al-Qaeda, a militant Islamist group based in Afghanistan, was said to be behind the attacks, the citizens of the countries we ended up going to war with had nothing to do with the attacks. Many citizens have died in this "war on terror". The war on their soil, in their major cities, and in many cases their homes is unlawful and should be stopped immediately.

Many Americans do not know the effect this war has had on Americans. The war has taken many soldiers lives, Iraqi and American, as well as the lives of Iraqi citizens. It has also cost the United States economy a fair amount of money. The United States invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the "war on terror" are ethically wrong because they used tactics of torture that are immoral, increased the hatred felt around the world toward the United States, and violated international law concerning extreme aggression.

Torture can be defined as "the infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding) to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure" (Torture). The United States has been using tactics of torture on terrorists for years without the general public knowing exactly how immoral the techniques used...