War on Terrorism

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Running Header: War on Terrorism

War on Terrorism

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James Smith

Author note: This paper was prepared for HLSC 172-01 taught by Professor Jones.


This paper will discuss findings of research done on the internet to support the topic of why we cannot win the war on terrorism. In detail, this paper will discuss what it means to achieve victory on the war on terror, if it is possible to win the war on terror, and the reasons supporting why or why not we can or cannot win the war on terror.

Any day that someone turns on a T.V. and puts the news on we can almost guarantee that we will see some sort of act of terrorism. We may not realize it is terrorism but it happens every day, every hours, and even ever minute but what is terrorism? Terrorism is defined many ways but according to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, terrorism is defined as "The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion."

(Merriam Webster's Dictionary). By this definition anything from school bullying all the way to what is occurring in the Middle East could be considered terrorism. This paper will focus on the acts that occur in the Middle East and similar events that occur that we may not know about and why it is nearly impossible for us to stop it from occurring.

When referring to winning the war on terror we have to break it down. There are a three types of victories that need to go into account. The first one is a tactical victory. According to rdasia.com a tactical victory is a victory that is easy to achieve and we do it every day. This type of victory is when forces find terrorist organizations and kill extremists. This...