War, Whats it good for? Absolutly nothing!

Essay by Cassie18 April 2004

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I have decided to do my research essay on war. To me war has never really made since to me. The bombs, the weapons, all the civilian deaths, the poverty caused by war.

I am not against the good will of war, such as when we fought the Germans in world war ll to stop the killings of the Jews. And in the Vietnam War, to stop the spread of communism. And of course to stop terrism... but that is something that does not make since to me. They attacked us, so we attack them back?

I've heard the mid-eastern children refer to the United States as "a big bully". I love my country, but I couldn't agree more! Everything the US does is selfish. The biggest ploy to make us think they are doing it for good will is war!

To me the difference between a crime and a war is is only the size.

The causes (the deaths) are the same, and so is the heartache and misery inflicted on the innocent. This fascination with killing is shaping our society for the worst!

If there's ever a conflict the 1st words of citizens is "let's bomb them". Put three small children in the sandbox and give them two toys. In fact, give them three, because one of the toddlers won't like his (or hers) and will want the one that another toddler has. Selfishness and violence is not born into us, it is learned and taught threw parents and media. Are we just bulling these countries because we want to be the biggest and coolest, or because we want to be the only ones allowed to chemical and biological weapons and get "fussy" if someone else has them too?

Like the majority of Americans, I've only seen...