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"Wards Cove Packing Co. v. Atonio"

By: Jennifer Ruddell


December 10, 2004

Do you feel the current hiring practices are discriminatory? Why or why not? What policies should be adopted?

Yes I do feel the hiring practices are discriminatory because the workers were being hired through a hiring hall agreement with a predominately Filipino union. If anyone was being racist it would be the union. Since the workers are local to the canneries, it is the predominate race located around were they are located, so that should not be considered discriminatory. But when others applied for the jobs and were not hired for positions that is discriminatory.

The policies that should be adapted are they can be allowed to hire outside of the hiring hall agreement or allow others to be incorporated into the list of applicable employees. It should be based upon skills not just what race you happen to be.

Is there a correlation between the hiring practices for cannery workers and noncannery workers? Should the practices be the same or separate, even though the positions are different?

It seems to be a correlation between the hiring practices of the cannery and noncannery workers, in my opinion. When their jobs pay better and you use separate mess halls and dormitories because of job status and race that is racism. The employees, regardless of job title, race, and pay scale should have the advantages as everyone around them. The practices should be the same regardless of positions, because segregation in the workplace cause hardships, low production because no one wants to try for something better when they already know there is nothing better for them in the future.

Is it an acceptable practice for the cannery to rehire skilled noncannery workers it has worked with previously?...