A Warn Path

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The story "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty is a story about an old African American woman named Phoenix Jackson who makes a journey across the county in seek of help for her grandsons health. During her long journey she comes across many obstacles that she over comes. These obstacles symbolizes the difficult times for African Americans in earlier times and with her overcoming those obstacles shows her to be a strong powerful woman although she is actually small, frail, and poor.

Along her long trip she faces many troubles. She traveled through the deep woods, a tough trail, over hills, even barbed wire fences. That proves she is strong and determined to help her sick grandson because she is so old and able to complete that trip.

Even though she completed the trip she still had a hard time. She was so old that her body ached from the trips for example, "Seem like there is chains about my feet" (paragraph 5).

It is amazing what Phoenix made it far enough to get her grandson's medicine and back to administer the medicine. She was knocked into a ditch by a black dog. She did not get upset only spoke of the dog stalling her trip, "that black dog come up out of the weeds to stall you off, and now there he sitting on his fine tail smiling at you" ( paragraph 36). She is faced with a tough conflict concerning her life. Phoenix has a gun pointed at her by the white man who came upon her and she does not seemed to be in any fear at all. The white man was shocked. This shows that she has been through much, and that it doesn't take much to scare here. He asked her why she...