Warnings of Cigarette Packets, Graphic

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An Australian group called Action Council on Smoking and Health (ACSH) has recently pushed for warnings on cigarette packets to be more graphic. They suggested graphic photos of diseases organs should cover at least 500f the outside label. Additional health warnings with information s on how to quit and smoking risks should also be included inside the cigarette packet. Bland and ineffective warnings like "Smoking is a health hazard" and "Smoking reduces your fitness" already cover our cigarette packets in hope that they may deter smokers form their addiction. This proposal has raised some questions that should be carefully considered. Are the current cigarette packet warnings really enough? If so then why are 4 out of 5 drug associated deaths tobacco related? If so then why are 1 out of 5 of our supposedly drug-aware generation of teenagers still ignoring such warnings and continuing to have a puff with their peers? Obviously the during anti-smoking cigarette packet designs are not conveying their message effectively.

Replacing those uninfluential warnings with hard-hitting, graphic photos will provide a powerful visual gorge to help smokers quit for the better. The current cautions on cigarette packets have little or no impact on the smoker. Smokers are growing immune to warnings like "Smoking Causes heart disease" that was composed in 1994. This outdated campaign is focused on abstract tobacco related risks and illnesses that are interpreted by smokers in ways like, "This won't happen to me" or "I can worry about it later." Meanwhile, the new tactics is concentrated on the perspective of an individual smoker and the pictures show exactly what is happening to their body each time they smoke. This is related to the people's own experience and is more likely to appeal and influence their behaviour rather than plain facts and...