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Mrs. Otterman

AP Composition

16 October 2014

Warren Buffett Analysis of Colloquial Rhetoric and Establishment of Confidence

Warren Buffet is the so called, "Oracle of Omaha". He has become the capital of industry and establishes a fervent following from many. His advice is admired from all, not only regarding investing strategies, but as well as his philosophical judgments. He has the ability to inspire a large group with his folksy aphorisms and colloquial language. His use of rhetorical devices has allowed him to create an aura of confidence and security that assures his followers that he competent in his field. His use of metaphor captivates the reader through the use of relatable quips. His simple diction shows his relation to the audience and the connection that can be formed by doing so. By using colloquial rhetoric in his shareholder essays, Buffet vehemently establishes a relation to the audience that creates a sense of confidence in his proposals in order to grow the trust of the populous.

Buffett uses aphorisms to convey an ideal impression of focus and wisdom to his audience. His statements do not attempt to establish a nonexistent meaning; rather he prefers to state his ideas bluntly. His observations contain a general truth that allow for the audiences self-indulgence and interpretation. By allowing this individual elucidation, Buffett is instituting a sense of intelligence in the in the audience causing them to believe that they have extrapolated a highly intellectual idea. Buffett is extremely apt in doing so in that this causes the audience to believe that their intelligence level in someway compares to that of Buffets. This creates a trust by the populous as result of the connection applied. In the thirteenth paragraph of the essay entitled "Mr. Market" he states, "Develop your eccentricities...