Warren Harding

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Warren Gamaliel Harding was the twenty-ninth president of

the United States. He was the sixth president to die in office.

Harding was a tall, handsome man with a resounding voice and a

pleasing personality. At the time he was nominated for

president, he was not widely known. He had become prominent in

Ohio as a newspaper editor, and had been elected to the state

senate. The conservative wing of his political party had found

him a safe, dependable man. He had shown no particular ability

except the ability to attract and to get votes.

Harding received the Republican party's nomination for

president at the Chicago Convention of 1920. Harding and his

vice president, Calvin Coolidge, were elected by an overwhelming

majority of the popular and electoral votes over his opponents,

James M. Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

From the beginning of his administration, Harding depended

heavily on his Congress and Cabinet to provide leadership.


chose several qualified men to serve in his cabinet, but he also

chose many cabinet members because they were his friends or

because he owed them political debts. Many of them proved to be

completely unworthy of trust or of high office.

Harding declared early in his presidency that it was the

government's return to normalcy. His election was interpreted to

mean that the people did not want either the Versailles Treaty or

the League of Nations. The United States made separate treaties

with Germany and its allies, and refused to take part in world

affairs. Harding believed that the U.S. should take part in the

World Court, but at the same time he approved of limitations

which would have made the Court almost powerless by separating it

completely from the League of Nations.

The most important achievement of Harding's administration...