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Warrior ethos is very important because finance soldiers need to be multi-skilled in today's modern Army. When the global war on terrorism started, that's when I feel Finance branch realized that our Soldiers don't have the warrior spirit as compared to the Combat arms branches. Warrior ethos is more than learning how your basic skill level task, its taking pride in your MOS and learning everything about your MOS. This is done by emphasize skills learned in basic training and then relating it to how this would help soldiers in OIF or OEF. We should put that same amount of effort when we are dealing with Soldiers pay as learning how fire expert on your assigned weapon.

When the detachment from my finance battalion was preparing to deploy to Iraq, It just amaze me on some of the skill level task that the soldiers were unable were to perform.

So, they had to conduct extra training on these tasks before they deployed. I am glad that this was corrected before the deployment because its too late to train when you are in a hostile environment. This is just an example of why warrior ethos is important to all soldiers and more importantly finance Soldiers.

This complex operational environment offers no relief or respite from contact with the enemy from the lowest end of the spectrum of conflict to the highest. Finance soldiers are and will be under great stress -- physically and psychologically -- no matter what their rank, specialty or location on the battlefield. Given this reality, all finance Soldiers must be prepared to close with and destroy the enemy -- all Soldiers must be warriors first.