The Wars

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The Wars Essay When we think of natural disasters in today's society we think of the ice storm in southern Ontario, or the earth quakes that reek havoc in California. Never do we think of the acid rain that we produce which ruins our naturel surroundings. Due to the life we have become accustomed to, we are constantly at war with nature. We disrupt it and we get caught trying to fix what we have done. In the novel The Wars one is forced to realize that Robert Ross must overcome all the elements of nature during his time at war. In his attempts to overcome the elements of nature he becomes a hero. Robert Ross is in the midst of a quest where many things stand between him and his destination.

Fire in it's most controlled and simple form is used for warmth, cooking and light but..... when man loses control of fire it has the ability to create more destruction then one could ever dream possible.

In war fire can be used to cause caos and confusion across enemy lines. Timothy Findley shows this aspect of fire with the quote "fire storms raging along the front. Men were exploded where they stood . Blown apart by the combustion" (p.148).

Fire is used in The wars to show all the tactics and elements of war that Robert Ross must over come both man made as well as the elements of nature. In The wars Timothy Findley shows all the obstacles that Robert must surpass in order to become a hero. Robert is constantly at "war" throughout his entire life with family, the military, as well as with nature. "The storms might last for hours- until the clay was baked and the earth was seared and sealed with fire." (P.148)...