"Washable Wools Profitability"

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"The Wool over Our Eyes"A premium wool suit has always been associated with elegance and sophistication. Names like Brooks Brothers, Walton and Armani built reputations on fine business clothing. The term "Washable Suit" seems to remove, or wash away if you will, the concept of a quality product. But today's businessman and businesswoman are on the go, constantly struggling to accomplish every mission throughout the day. With the days of "One hour martinizing" on every street block all but gone away, today's businessperson is mindful of the costs and difficulties of a 'dry clean only' garment. I believe there is a market for washable wool suits because of today's money and environment conscious community. I will discuss the characteristics and development of a washable wool suit, the cost of dry cleaning vs. caring for the product, and last the overall satisfaction in the product. A Brand Name on the suit should not determine how one appreciates the suit.

The thought of a wool suit often causes children around the world to start itching. There have been many controversies on the make up of a washable suit. A suit made up of 50% wool and synthetic material (lycra and polyester) often bring horrible images of the suit, but those days are gone. The washable suit has the same beautiful look, and there are studies that allow for both pure wool and polyester/wool suits to retain their shape and style. The younger generation is finally returning to the classic styles, and with today's technology, the concept of a washable suit is realized.

CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, offered consulting and testing services to manufacturers Heilan (China), Madura Garments (India) and Berkeley Apparel (Australia) in technology transfer projects sponsored by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd, leading to improved quality control...