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Washing Clothes When people are growing up they often take everyday duties for granted, never learning how to perform them. This lack of information does not cause a problem until they realize they lack the knowledge to perform everyday tasks. Washing clothes"¦ sounds simple right? Well if you mess up the steps, or forget to put one in, you may end up with pink underwear and that is never good. One certainty is that everyone will have to wash their clothes at some point in their life. Having the right steps and procedures will be very important.

When a person starts the journey to wash there clothes, they must first separate the clothes they desire to wash into color coordinated pile. When separating the clothes into piles, you should make sure to keep the lights, darks, and reds separate. The reason for the separating is to ensure that one color does not bleed onto another.

Once you have separated your clothes into separate piles, you are ready to start your first load.

When you are ready to start your washing machine, you will be confronted with several different options of washing processes. Unless otherwise instructed, select the "normal wash." Once you have selected this washing process, water should start to pour into your machine.

Once the waterfall has started don't be alarmed, this is the point when you pour the soap into the machine where the water is falling. When you are preparing the soap, refer to the bottle for instructions which will tell you how much soap to use for each wash.

Now that the water is filling your machine and the soap has been poured in, you should start to insert the clothes into the washing machine. Be sure to evenly spread out your clothes in the machine. In doing this you will ensure that all clothes are cleaned correctly, also making sure that your machine will not shake during the spin process. Once you are done filling your machine with clothes, shut the lid and find something to keep you busy for the next 40 minutes.

Now that 40 minutes have passed it is time to pull the newly cleaned clothes out of the washer. When you start to pull them out, remember that you must once again separate the clothes into seperate piles. One piles should be designated for clothes that you wish to dry in the dryer and the second should be for clothes that you wish to hang dry. When you are trying to make the design between the two, remember that 100% cotton often shrinks and some garments are made to be hung when drying. If you are confused in which method to choose, examine the cleaning instructions on the tag of the garment which will explain the proper cleaning methods.