Washington's Farewell Address (his stances on sectionalism, political parties and foriegn policy).

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Washington had strong objections to sectionalism. He believed that if states acted only independently then the United States would be weaker as a whole. Each area of the country had specific advantages for keeping a close relationship with the other three areas. The biggest advantages had to do with resources, security and less tension within the union. Each area had specific resources to offer the other areas. For example, the North had manufactured goods and the South had agricultural goods. Working together, these goods would cost less and make the country more money through trade. Security was also an issue. Indian attacks and threats from other countries were of great importance, and Washington believed that as a unit we can have the money and the manpower to fend off such attacks. As a single entity the United States would also have better relationships within the country. If the country divided into separate nations, even if they were allies, allegiances do not always work.

Soon enough tension would erupt and with the nations so close to one another, war would be inevitable. Washington felt that the growing popularity of political parties was one way to influence sectionalism. Each region would develop their own political party which would only cater to that region's needs. The arguing that ensued would tear the country apart and destroy the union. That was why Washington thought sectionalism was a bad idea for the United States.

Washington's greatest fear as he stepped down from the presidency was the development of political parties in the United States. Washington believed that if anything would ruin the United States, it would be political parties. He believed that whether you lived in the Northern, Southern, Atlantic or Western region of the country determined the party you belonged to. This...