"WASL and High School Requirements"

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The state of Washington has multiple requirements for education, including the WASL, but the future is still uncertain. The WASL has been called the toughest standard needed to pass high school. The public's reaction is shocking due to the fact that students only have one chance to pass, and we are still not sure if the legislature will change that rule or not.

The WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) is called the toughest standard school requirement ever (Prince and Blesch, 2004). Starting with the class of 2008, this year's 8th graders are required to pass the math, reading, and writing portions of the 10th grade WASL to graduate high school. Also, starting with the class of 2010, the students will have to pass the science WASL.

The law only gives students one chance to pass the WASL, which has left many students, teachers, and especially parents wondering about the consequences if their students do not pass. Prince and Blesch (2004) interviewed some parents to see if they had any comments on this new WASL plan. "I think they're going to create a whole new generation of kids who won't graduate," stated a mom of two sons in middle school. Now it is more than likely the teachers will be asked to teach similar problems to the WASL all through high school. These requirements are not only important to pass but show students if they are ready for the world outside of high school or not. The future is still unplanned, though, because students will have to pass the WASL to graduate, and if they do...