Wat's Goin In Ur Baby's Mind?

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WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR BABY'S MIND? Henry, Linda. "What's going on in your baby's mind?"� Baby Talk Aug, 2001: Vol. 66, Issue 6, pg.46 SUMMARY: At birth babies' brains have 100 billion neurons. As a baby grows, so do the neurons, forming branches that connect with other neurons to transmit signals and share information. In the first two months alone, the number of these connections increases from an estimated 50 trillion to 1,000 trillion.

The learning starts with sounds and sensation when the baby was still in the womb. At birth, the sense of hearing is more developed than vision. At 3 weeks old the vision of the baby is no better than 20/400, meaning that he/she sees things at 20 feet away as for a normal person with perfect vision would see them from 400 feet away. The baby can focus only on things within seven to ten inches from his face.

By the time babies are two to three months old, they'll begin to look at people and makes eyes contact with mom and dad. Their visions also improve to 20/60. By fourth and fifth months, the baby will be able to visual object when it fall out of their hands, that the objects are away from them. After the eighth months, babies will begin to remember words in their long-term memory, even though they don't know what it means. At twelfth months of age, most infants have enough information to understand 50 words, and by 18 months they'll probably be able to use those words themselves. Though out ten to twelve months of age, they will start to acknowledge that words have meanings, but they use one word for several purposes.

OPINION: I found this article to be very interesting and reliable. In my believed I think there is no baby that are born to be a killer, a violent person, or a mental person. It's all about the environment that they grew up in and how they were being treated. I was very surprise about the evolvement of the baby, how in such a short amount of time they can react to things around them. It was very interesting the conclusion they made on the reaction of the baby. I believe all of it to be very true and very reliable. I was very surprised about the number of neurons in the baby's brain. All of this information proof that a baby's brain develop in the environment that they are in, the genes affect them too but very little. I never thought of it, but it's very true that at birth the baby's hearing are more developed than their sights. It's a very good article, it give you a lot of information on the baby process of growing.

I chose this article because we are learning about how baby's reacts and I found it to be very interesting. I wanted to see if the sources we have connect to what the article had to say, and they do. I also chose this article for a very important reason and that is I want to be a good parent when I become one. I wanted to be just like my dad, I want to be the koolest and the best dad in the world. I want my kids to be the cutest and the best they can be, but I don't want to over load them or force them too much into stuff they don't like. So, that is mainly why I'm so interested in being a parent. I want to continue the good parenting from my dad. I don't want to be like my grandfathe