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Mary is a 35 year old woman from the metropolitan area of Londan. As she dissembarks the plane, the wind catches her long blonde hair. As she walks down the flight of satirs her beautifully sculpted CLIP CLOP on the harsh cold concrete ground, she then boards her bus which takes her directly to customas, wher she flashes her flawless passport to the customs controller who is very petite, wears a moustache and as commuters as commuters pass by him one by one he nods and smiles graciously. Mary swiftly makes her way through to the baggage hall, where a tall muscular gentleman lends a hand to collect her three matching suitcases from the exclusive carlton collection and places them on her trolley, after persistently thanking the gentleman. she proceeds to the arrivals lounge where she spots him from afar, he is wearing his shirt and tie, he must of just rushed from work she thinks to herself.

As she catches sight of him theres a twinkle in her eye, she can already smell his cologne the one that he wears on special ocassions, the old spice one that she bought him for his birthday. OH how she missed him.