Watching Others Suffer

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Life is not always pleasant nor kind and gentle to us. It is filled with mysteries and unanswered questions that haunt us from day to day. In fact, life can be very awful and complicating for many individual mortal who suffer during odd circumstances. For example, the decisions that we are forced to make in life are sometimes beyond our control. This is what makes life so very cruel and unjustifying because of its complexity. Life can also be depicted from the pressure felt by George Orwell. Trying to kill the elephant may be an undersized painful tragedy, and by looking at the elephant, there nothing he could do but watch the elephant suffer slowly in pain, and let the Burmese take over the elephant. As being a police officer in Burma he had little or no control but being hated. (Twenty-Five Great Essays, "Shooting an Elephant" by Orwell, pg.

142-149). Sometimes we are not in control of our decisions. Instead, they are made by others who seek to control us.

Under pressure from the raging crowd, I would've been forced to take action as Orwell did. I would have killed the elephant, but to see the elephant suffer is unbearable. To hear the bullet as it whistle through the air and came into contact with flesh is dreadful and inhumane. Orwell was forced to go through something many of us, including myself, dread about encountering. Inspect of our love ones, my father is currently in a position of suffering so much pain that my family are trying our best to find help for him, and there's no way that we could do but encourage him to feel better whenever his pain come back. As life goes on, everyone want to live normal, and carefree lives.