Watching A Sunset By The Sea

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we arrived at the beach at about 6.30 in the evening. My cousin parked the car under a tree and we all got out.

The smell of the sea was unmistakable. A gentlebreeze blew.I stepped out of my sandals onto the soft sand.

My cousin, two of our friends and i had come to the seaside just to watch the sun set.My cousin assured us that we would not be disappointed for he had seen it setting before and he said it was beautiful. we just had to see for ourselves.

We sat on the sand and gazed at the western horizon.White and grey clouds be seen but the sun was well hidden behindthem. Nothing spectacular was happening and i felt a bit of impatience rising.I waited.

presentlythe white abd grey clouds began to change colour. First they look on arange hues. Then shades of red and yellow could be seen.

In a short time the whole western sky seem to be ablaze with a wild splash of gold,red,orange,and yellow. Igazed at the spectaclein wonder. What a magnificent sight it was.

I tried to focus on a particular part of the colourful scene but found that the colours were constantly changing.They change very slowly and subtly although the scene appeared very still.A streak of gold here tured yellow and a splash of red there dissolved into hues of orange.It was quite impossible to describe really this is great wonder of nature in action.

Shortly the hues became darker and hints of black were visible.The sun itself was visible for a moment appearing like a huge egg yolk.Then it began to disappear into horrizon.The shades of black became more obvious.

Finally I watched the sun slowly sink into the sea.However the sky remained reddish even though the sun could no longer be seen.

Suddenly,everything was dark.The sun had set and night took over.I became aware of mosquitoes attacking me.My cousin said it was time to go home.

We got into car,Indeed it had been a wonderful experience.