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Have you ever been in a desert and your mouth was dry and you were sweating hot? Well if you have ever been like this or even just hot, you probably wanted a big glass of water. Water is the number one drinking source for all people, yet that is just the fresh water there is also salt water. Everybody needs water. We use it to cook, bathe, clean, and farmers use it to water the crops. Fish live in it and most other animals have water in their daily diet, and need it to survive. The earth is made up of mostly water. It has 71% water and 29% land. Yet only one percent of that is fresh useable water. The oceans, glaciers, and ice caps account for 99% of all the earth's water. That remaining small one- percent is every cloud, pound, lake, river, and aquifer. Of that one percent, two thirds of that water is under ground.

In New Jersey 44 inches of rain and snow per year replenish the states 6,500 miles of streams and rivers. Seventy percent of the earth is salt water. This accounts for all the oceans on the earth. Right now we are still trying to look for a way to change salt water to fresh water to drink. Like our experiment shows people are trying to take the salt out of the salt water purify it and drink it.

In our experiment we put 1 ½ cups of salt into 5 cups of water and the poured it on to three paper towels and then let it sit for three days. After it was done all that was left was dried salt.

This shows just one way how to get the salt out of water. Scientists are always looking at ways...