Water and Air Pollution Analysis - This is a short essay on pollution issues in Dayton, Ohio

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Ohio is ranked as one of the worst states on air pollution. It remains a serious public health problem for the Greater Dayton area. In 2005 there was 19 days of unhealthy levels of ozone, or smog. Ozone has proved to be a public health problem; asthma attacks amongst children, increased emergency room visits and has also been linked to many premature deaths.

There are eight counties in the Dayton area that has failed to meet the federal health standards for ozone. The American Lung Association, in its State of the Air, 2005 report, looked at official records of pollution from 2001-2003. In the report, Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery, Clark, Clinton and Miami counties in Ohio all rated an "F" for bad air quality. American Lung Association of Ohio (2005)

Ohio has done away with the emissions test on motorized vehicles. In doing so this has only increased the intensity of "bad air quality".

Emissions test is a huge concern because there is no way of knowing how many pollutants a vehicle is giving off. This issue has not done Ohio any favors when it comes to solving the air pollution in this state.

In Dayton, Ohio there is an Ozone Action Day, this day consist mainly of weather conditions. They implement this day when temperatures are above eighty-five degrees, cloudless skies, low wind speed, and lack of precipitation. On this day, the city lowers bus fares to get people to ride the bus instead of driving. Also, they stress carpooling and have cab discounts of up to eighty-percent for employees, in the Dayton area.

Underground petroleum storage tanks has polluted Ohio's drinking water. These leaks are of major concern because Petroleum products have chemicals and substances that cause many health problems, including cancer and brain/heart/lung damage. Young...