Water and Minerals

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Water and other minerals play essential roles in our bodies for us to be able to perform the simplest or even the most difficult tasks. Functions are made possible because of water and minerals which could make blinking, chewing and trying to run not possible without them. Many minerals like sodium, chloride, and potassium are vital to the maintenance of fluids throughout our bodies for key functions. Water in all throughout our bodies to help use be able to do the simple everyday tasks that we love to do. Our bodies have water in our bloodstreams, cells and in compartments throughout our bodies from where they are moved for one place to another. The water in our bodies which are held by compartments are held in place by proteins, sodium, potassium and other molecules that as well are dissolved in our bodies water. The water in our compartments that are stored move from compartment to compartment when they are needed.

If the concentration of particles in one compartment begins to become higher than in another, the water will move in the direction to the lower compartment that has the most dissolved substances which is better known as osmosis. While the water is stored in compartments throughout our bodies it also baths the cells of our body which helps lubricate as well as rinse our internal and external body surfaces. Water performs this function throughout our bodies in ways that most people do not think twice about. When your eye has a piece of dirt blown into it and your eye then starts to water it is because the water lubricates your eye so that the dirt can be washed away. Other functions that are made possible because of water would be the movement of our joints, our saliva that is...