Water And Water Management

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Water and Water Management Inspite of the oil/gas supply crisis we are currently facing, as reflected by prices at the service stations and gas bars, water is most likely our most universally important natural resource. Without water no one on earth or anything else on earth could survive. Every living thing in the world needs water to survive.

Universally Important I think water is our most important natural resource compared to oil/gas because we can find replacements for these fuels with time and can get used to having a very limited amount of them. We can not find a replacement for water because humans, plants, and animals need water to survive. If water becomes a scarce natural resource many plants, animals, and even humans will die. It is impossible for us, or any other living thing, to live without water. Since it is pretty cheap to have clean, clear water, we shouldn't take it for granted.

If it starts t become limited, we will have higher prices to pay for something that we pay a small fee and have unlimited use of. Some people even get their water for free. We should take care of this water we have no and conserve it or we will waste it and also have to pay more for something that we shouldn't have to pay more for.

Limited Amounts Since 97% of our earth is salt water and another 2% are glacier and ice caps, it only leaves us with 1% fresh water in the world. Canada has 9% of world's fresh water, the largest amount in the world. Because of this limited amount of fresh water there are things we have to do to make it last.

Conserve our Water To conserve our water there are many different things we can do.