Water Problems In Alpine

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Water Problems in Alpine The Problem: The problem is that through the law of capture, El Paso has the right to tap into Alpine's aquifer and take crucial amounts of water away from the Alpine area.

Solutions 1. Create a water district for Brewster county.

2. Use water regulation methods and let El Paso take water.

3. Retract the Law of Capture 4. Make undrinkable water drinkable.

5. Water recycling.

Evaluation: Solution 1: Counties all across Texas have developed water districts to prevent any outside force from taking their water supply. Also, if an area decide to help others in need of water, the water district makes sure to regulate the amount of use. This seems like a good solution, but Alpine has already tried to obtain a water district and failed.

Solution 2: The Alpine area could let El Paso take some water and use water regulation methods for reduced water usage, but this is not a very logical idea for the fact that El Paso would take more water than we could conserve.

Solution 3: Retracting the law of Capture is a very good idea. Although it would take large amounts of time to get a bill that retracts the law of capture and puts another, better law (Like no one can touch a county's water unless they say so) in effect, this is a very good possible solution in our view.

Solution 4: The best possible solution in our view is that El Paso take the large amount of salty and brackish water underground in that area and treat their water so that it is drinkable. This could happen by making a desalinization plant.

Solution 5: Another solution is that we could help El Paso out and give them water and recycle sewage and other used water so that we could both have a substantial amount. Again, in our opinion, this is not a good solution, because El Paso would be using more water than we could recycle.

Solution: The solution we picked as the best is solution 4.

How to put the solution to work: First, a petition would have to be made to Washington that we need to have the law of capture changed. With some luck, it could be made a bill and then must pass through both houses. If it does, then the law would be made, and the Alpine area could debate on whether WE want to help El Paso or not.