The Water Tower

Essay by liquid_frog March 2003

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Not long ago the Water Tower stood on the other side of the town. No - one ever really paid much attention to it. Like most small towns it was just the water tower, nothing special, until one stormy night, when it was struck with lightning.

The next day a couple of the local kids were cycling past and heard some strange sounds. It was almost as though the Tower was crying. They became rather suspicious and walked around the tower looking for any one who might have been making the noise, but no one was there. The children went home and decided that they would go again tomorrow and see if the Water Tower was still creaking.

They slowly crept up to the Tower and were disappointed to find that there were no weird sounds. As they turned around to leave, the Water Tower made one massive scream of bending metal and started to lean.

The Water Tower came crashing down on top of the two children, killing them instantly.

The town was in devastation. The families of the children soon moved away as the memory was too hard to bear. The town's people had no idea what to do with the Tower. It just lay there for many months. A continuous trickle of water escaped from it making the ground soggy even though it was early summer.

At one of the town meetings some one suggested that they put the tower back up. But there were a few problems: the ground was much too soggy to support it, so the tower would end up falling down again. Also that the Water Tower was so big and heavy, that they would have to get a crane in the haul it up and the closest crane hiring company was...