Watership Down

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Time Lines Hazel Bigwig Hazel makes the decision to leave Saddleford warren. Bigwig fights off Holly just when they left Saddleford warren.

Hazel went out to find cover when the rest were sleeping. (When he sees the crow) Bigwig goes out to explore beyond the river and sees the lendri in the distance.

Hazel made the decision to go for the hills in the distance. Bigwig fought off the crow when it attacked Pipkin.

Hazel made the decision to go to the Shining Wire warren with the largely suspicious rabbits. Bigwig got mad at the rabbits who were thinking of going back and threatened them with name calling.

When everyone was scared into a ditch by some creature in the bushes Hazel bravely goes to find out that it's Holly. Bigwig manages to survive a snare with his great strength Hazel tells the guys blackberry's idea that they have to dig to make a new warren even though bucks don't normally dig.

Bigwig goes with Hazel for the other does in the hutch even though the risk was great and the bounty little.

Hazel decides to help a gull back to health by feeding it and welcoming it to their warren. Bigwig goes bravely on an undercover mission to get does out of Efrafa.

Hazel goes to the hutch rabbits and help get 3 of them out even when he risked getting shot. (And he did) Bigwig distracts Woundwort to give Dandelion a chance to get onto the boat.

Hazel decides to go back to Efrafa risking getting caught and brought to the warren. Bigwig faces Woundwort in Watership Down and hurts him badly.

Hazel gets the dog free and rides in a car to save Watership Down. Bigwig stands firm and doesn't move to prevent Woundwort from getting in.