"The Wave": This essay talks about the issues raised in the book.

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Would you allow a group of people to rule your actions? No, never! And that is also what Mr Ross and his students have learned throughout their unforgettable experiment--- The wave. The Wave was an organization which was set up by Mr Ross. The aim of that was to let students get a feeling of the German Nazis, because it is always hard for free fish to understand what is happening to the hooked one. But gradually it was out of control. And the only reason is that the students were caught up by The Wave too deeply. At the end, Mr Ross have told them "we are all responsible for our own actions. And that you must always question what you do rather than blindly follow a leader, and that for rest of your individual rights." ( Page 105) And because of The Wave, these students had once lost these qualities.

To begin with, "The Wave" has made a brain-wash to all the students in the history class. The have learned to obey, and agree all the things they have been taught. No more thinking and no more questioning. Firstly, this have gone against the purpose of study. Students blindly accept ideas from text books or teachers without thinking, they will actually learn and understand nothing. Apart from that, this kills the nature of human. If people only know agreeing, not actually think, then what is the difference between human and robots? "We've raised you to be an individual." (Page 43, said Laurie's mum). Yes, our world can be highly developed like today is because the constant queries, thinking and innovations. If people only know to accept and agree, there would not be Copernicus Nicholas questioning the Geocentric Theory and advancing the Heliocentric Theory.

More worryingly,