The Way Home

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The movie "The Way Home" we never got to finish we only got to see a small section of but it was still a good thing to see. This movie had many older ladies and mothers of other minorities meet together. In the rooms they were all Indian mothers, all black mothers, and so on. They were mother women who had been raised to respect their true heritage or in the case of one Indian mother, she was taught nothing of her past heritage because her mother feared the treatment she would get for appearing to be more Indian then white. All the mothers were here to meet together and explain what they had gone through and how they felt about teaching they're children of the past and how they felt they would deal with the treatment that their children may get. And basically this is as far as we were able to get into the movie we only had about fifth teen minutes to watch this.

I like this movie because it shows that trough about what goes on through the head of a parent who knows that their children are different and that if they teach them about their heritage and real life that they will be treated as such. The fact that one of the Indian women was sent to a white home to remove the "savageness" from here was horrible its not savageness it's her heritage and removing that from a person is a crime against humanity. I liked this movie because it was an eye opener on what goes through the head of a mother of a minority and hopefully I'll get to see it on TV as a rerun or something because I would like to see the movie in its entirety.