In what way or ways does Eliza change during the course of the play?

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In what way or ways does Eliza change during the course of the play?

Eliza Doolittle is introduced as a poor flowergirl. In the beginning of the play she is described as a neglected and unromantic figure of the play." Her hair needs washing rather badly," emphasizes her appearance.

Beside that" She is as clean as she can afford to be".

Her English is distorted by a very strong accent that everybody immediately classifies her in a low social class.

She is caught in her class because of her language.

The character Eliza Doolittle is a poor flower girl but she often insures to be a respectable, honest girl" I am a good girl I am "which excludes the possibility of being a prostitute for the reader.

Eliza has the strong will to raise her respect and society class.

Other people's opinions always mean very much to her.

In the taxi in Act1 she pretends to go to the Buckingham Palace.

Soon she realises that the first condition of gaining more respect and being member of a higher-class society is to talk proper English.

It is obvious that a common girl like her is not able to make such an drastic change to a refined lady herself. She is turned into a "duchess" by the other characters of the play.

Henry Higgins, Mrs Pierce, Colonel Pickering have strong influences on her either mentally or physically.

Higgins, the creator of the bet teaches her the important manners and how to behave as a fine lady.

Another important influence for Eliza is Mrs Pearce. Her involvement is more with Eliza`s appearance. In some ways she is like a mother to her. She picks out the clothes for her for example.

The final and most important character responsible for the transformation of Eliza...