The way we feel

Essay by agentdc311 January 2004

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we like to think we are free

but for me i was never free

always locked down

chains on my arns and legs

never able to see the sky

only the dark walls surroundin me

never able to be free

for a year an half i lived this way

only the memory of you to keep me going

nobody out there to talk to

never able to sleep

live'n in fear

hope'n one day my time will come

and ill be free

ill be free

Fuck this world it's not worth It.

Know one cares, everyone Lies.

Minds full of hate And pain.

No one understands me

No one cares for me

Why am I here I ask?

If I were on cloud nine would

I be heard or would I die.

What is death? Is it that bad?

Again I say fuck the world that We live in.

Everyone cries everyone dies

Why cant my time be wise.

I never want anything but freedom

We live in society that enforces it

Why am I deprived?

Will u give it to me with a gun to my

Head, then will u see I am really fighting?

This is no lie, I'm dying, and you're whining.

So fuck the world I 'm out I cant take it anymore!