The Way I Write: An Essay Of Your Writing Style Compared To Your Speaking Style

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90% of Americans claim it is much easier to communicate through speaking and talking with another person rather than putting their thoughts down on paper. Half the time I fall into this category of lazy Americans who would rather take the easier path. The other half of my time, I feel I need to write rather than talk about my emotions. Both my writing styles and my speaking style are unique in their own ways and serve a distinct purpose for me.

I prefer to use speaking rather than writing as a means of communication simply because it is easier, and quicker. All you have to do is look at the person, smile, and start talking. Where when your writing you have to collect the materials, sometimes prepare a rough draft, edit and revise it until it is to your satisfaction. This process can sometimes take much longer than is available.

There are times though where I do prefer to write. This is when I am emotionally unstable or just finished fighting with my mom, or girlfriend. I find it hard to talk at this time, and resort to putting my feelings down on paper. In addition, I utilize writing letters to communicate with those, because often talking to one another will not solve anything.

Thinking about my speaking style, I imagine it as an ordinary method. I do not talk extremely fast or extremely slow, but rather just talk, at a steady pace. I am not very good at yelling, unless I am provoked. On the contrary, I am good at whispering. One tendency I do when talking is slur two kinds of words together in order to make my speech easier and less complicated. While some people stutter for reasons ranging from being shy or nervous, I...