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Wayne Carey had been known as the captain of Kangaroos AFL team and the best mate of Anthony Stevens, the vice captain of Kangaroos. They had been friends since they were kid, both grow up and playing football together. Their wives, Sally Carey and Kelli Stevens were also best friends, as a result, these couples were a close friends.

Recently, the superstar shocked the public by his affair with Anthony Stevens' wife, Kelli Stevens. The Daily Telegraph published an article "I Quit" on 14th March 2002 by Mark Robinson stated that the top footballer destroys his own career and the life of two family. He was caught at the Kangaroos' party attended by group players and their family, together in the toilet with Kelli, his best mate's wife. This scandal had costed Carey his career, marriage and reputation.

The Kangaroos refused to continue playing with Wayne Carey. The supporters of Kangaroos were disappointed with Carey.

The coach knew he had to make a decision for the best for the club. There's no other way but to accept Carey's resignation.

Shame and humiliated, Carey regret for what he had done and said that it was the biggest mistake he had ever done in his life. He had hurt the closest people in his life, his wife Sally, his best mate Anthony and everyone around him. Sally was depressed and taken to hospital as the result of what he had done. It was humiliating to learn her husband's infidelity so publicly.

Six years ago, Carey was pleaded guilty when he grabbed a woman's breasts outside a Melbourne nightclub. That did not ended his career. This time, he had an affair with Anthony Stevens' wife. The trust from his team's players is gone.

What Wayne Carey did was wrong, however, the media and public should not targeted him alone. There was two people involved in this affair yet only one was getting blamed. Kelli Stevens, Anthony's wife also play a part in this scandal, but the media did not blame her. The major question now is, would Carey come back to football, and would he be accepted after all these incidents. Would he be trusted once again by the players and supporters?