In what ways can teenagers today make their lives more meaningful?

Essay by serenity87 August 2005

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Many perceive teenagers today, as leading aimless lives, self-centered and not contributing to society, making their lives seem to be almost a waste. Therefore, in order to change society's opinion as well as to make the lives of teenagers more meaningful, two areas would therefore need to be changed: the condition of the mind as well the taking of actions, which works hand in hand in causing this improvement.

Firstly, having a goal in life would be the first step towards making one's life more meaningful through the condition of mind. By setting goals, the teenager would therefore have some focus in life, providing them with the direction that would be essential in carving out their future. The goals however, must be realistic and attainable and not be too far-fetched; otherwise the goals would only prove to be a damper to the teenager's spirit and aspirations.

One must also possess self-confidence in their capabilities.

By having self-confidence, the teenager would not falter along the way and have doubts in their abilities. Furthermore, with self-confidence, belief in one's actions is guaranteed, and therefore, the teenager would be more determined to see their actions being carried out to the end, resulting in the lesser chance of them doing things halfway and therefore, lessening the meaninglessness of their lives.

However, simply by altering the condition of mind is not sufficient as changing the mind without putting things into action is futile. Therefore, the above changes should be coupled with various actions that could display the meaningful lives that teenagers could have.

One of the ways by which teenagers can be made to live meaningful lives is through work. Most teenagers nowadays tend to be more materialistic, and yet are unable to appreciate the value of money. Therefore, by finding work for...