Ways of communication in our times.

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*We are blessed with so many ways of communication in our times. We have telegraph, telephone, and cell phones, fax machines, e-mail, radio and television and electrical equipment that can cause you to reach for your ear plugs! Most of the modern communication systems have come into being since I arriver on the scene 19 November 1919.

*The Winn Hill Community (midway between Fort Worth, Texas and Wichita Falls, Texas) was not connected very well with the world. We had heard about telegraph and we even had a telephone that was connected with Grandpa and Grandma who lived a half mile west of us. At one time I remember that we had strung up a line that went all the way to Uncle Jake and Aunt Amy. It was a rather sophisticated system with long and short rings to let people on the line know whom you were ringing.

At one time there must have been six or eight people on the line. It worked when we had a good battery in the box and when the line was up all the way.

*When I started to school I walked with my older brother, Anthony. When we went over the hill and out of sight there was no way to communicate with our parents until we came back in the afternoon. I remember that the mile and a half was a long walk. My mother was home all day long by herself. Pa worked on the farm and sometime with his small herd of cattle. So when he left the house and out of sight there was no means of communication. If he worked near the house he came in for dinner and about a fifteen-minute nap then he was back on the job.

*Back in those days we...