Ways to Increase College Bookstore Sales

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I think that in order to increase sales to students and faculty,

the College Bookstore must address and improve the areas of merchandise selection, staffing, and merchandise organization. My recommendations are based on the conclusion that these factors majorly contribute to the potential patrons decision to shop elsewhere. The main competition is Walton's and the Campus Drug Store, of which combined hold 72% of the students and faculty as patrons.


In response to your search for viable ways to increase sales to students and faculty, I interviewed employees, administered surveys to college students and faculty, and conducted an independent observation to determine the college bookstore's weaknesses and strong points. From the data, I compared the bookstore to the competition and to the ideal bookstore vision that was collectively described by the students and faculty.


My study shows that the College Bookstore has a definite issue in merchandise selection.

Of those sureveyed, the individuals that chose the competition did so because they claimed that they had a better selection and that by going there they can get everything that they need in one stop.

My independent observation shows that there are a number of items carried by the competition that the bookstore does not carry. These are insignia clothing, gift items, greeting cards, magaines, and candy and snacks. Also, although the bookstore does carry a selection of paperback books, the selection is small and limited. Of those carried, categories of science fiction, best-sellers, and other non-fiction are less than that of the competition. Of those surveyed, the lowest scoring service issue is that of the selection of merchanidise.


Karen Sweeney, a manager for three of her eight years of employment at the bookstore, feels insignia clothing and merchandise is a lucrative market that should be...