The Ways of Men and Women

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Men and Women talk both unique and length wise in every aspect of life. Whether it be in a relationship friends or family. "Deborah Tannen tries to touch on these issues in her passage "Put down that paper and talk to me. Rapport talk and Report talk". Tannen talks about how men and women both use different languages in different relationships.

Tannen uses an example in her passage on how women do talk more than men. Tannen was in a women's group meeting, where she ask the women to invite their husbands. After Tannen made a statement saying " That women often complain that men don't enough. A man stood up and said, " it's true" (pg 9) " She's the talker in the family" (pg9) He also quoted " If it wasn't for her we would never talk" (pg9) The man brought up an old stereotype. Do women talk too much? Linguist Connie Eble say's "they do (pg9)" Throughout history women have been punished for talking to much she says.

Cruel punishment such as gagged and silenced by a cleft stick applied to their tongues. (pg9) Tannen also talks about how different men and women are different in friendships. Women are usually very close, they also are not afraid to show it. When women greet they might hug each other; hold hands, and even maybe a kiss on the cheek. Women love to sit around and just talk for hours. This is very different with men. One will not find many men hugging or kissing when greeting each other. Men will play sports, go out to a bar or something recreational. Occasional men will sit down and talk. Most likely it has to do sports or cars. They will not be sitting down sharing each other feelings.