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America has experienced tragedy and turmoil in its past and has triumphantly come out victorious. Being the most powerful nation one tends to believe that all areas are covered, from the leader to the military to the loyalty of its citizens. The thought of war is always, and maybe even the thought of being attacked arises, but never does it once come to your mind the reality of the actuality of such acts. Unfortunately, that pride and lack of reality caught America off guard and hence the attacks on the World Trade Center.

September 11, 2001 was only known of God and those who planned the attacks. That day was like every other to everyone else, mundane and the usual. New York City was crowed and tending to business as every other Tuesday morning. Sadly the norm ended around 8:46 am when a 767 Boeing jet hit the north side of the North Tower.

Shock didn't even have time to set in because approximately seventeen minutes later at 9:03 am another plane smashed into the second tower. Suddenly that sunny Tuesday turned into the darkest one yet.

Though I was in New York City at the time I wasn't in Manhattan but my mom and sister were there. Though they were not in the towers they were within 50 feet of them, which was close enough. My sister who was 14 at the time was in class at Murry Bergtrum High School. This is what she told me.

"There was a loud noise as of a plane flying right over your head, I rushed to the window to see what and where the sound was coming from and witnessed the crash of the first plane into the World Trade Center. Everyone was screaming, and shortly after we saw a...