Ways in which an organisation can manage its human resources in a more cost-effective way. Illustrate your writing with recent real-world examples, clear links between theory and practice.

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1.0 Introduction

The nature of human resource management (HRM) is an integral part of an organisation, maintaining a healthy and structured HRM plays a major part in the key success of the organisation (Mullins, 2002). This is due to people being a fundamental link of reaching corporate goals, without human resource an organisation would not be able to function. Therefore it is imperative to maintain a satisfied and motivated workforce. This assignment aims to examine ways in which an organisation can manage its personnel in a cost effective way with real-world examples.

2.0 Individuals, Group Dynamics and Leadership

Maximisation of individuals' performance and productivity is a main objective for many organisations, there must be a match between the individual and the organisation, without one will result in poor performance and possible loss of the employee. Individual differences will affect performance, being aware of individual differences will enable managers to work around it to avoid conflicts and using different reward methods for individuals.

Factors that affect performance include the individual themselves, their personality and beliefs. It is hard for an organisation to change a person's attitude but an organisation can influence the individual's perception of things and gradually through time, shape their attitude in order for it to suit the attitude of the organisation. Job satisfaction can affect performance; if an individual dislikes their job then obliviously productivity will decrees. Motivation and rewards are both interlinked with each other; some sort of reward motivates an individual, whether it is financial reward or recognition of work.

An individual brings different ideas and perspectives into an organisation, it is important for organisations to employ a range of individuals with distinct personalities, values and experience; this offers various ideas and creativity. The downside of this would be that the individual might not...