WB's Friends: Joey and the Flu

Essay by Kerry_901 August 2005

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(Monica and Phoebe's apartment. Everybody is there enjoying breakfast)

Monica: Ross, do you want some more bacon?

Ross: Yes, please

Monica; How about you, Joey

Joey (sounding stopped up): Sure

Monica: Chandler?

Chandler: Sounds yummy!

Monica: How about you, Rach?

Rachel: Sounds good. Thanks, Mon.

Monica: More bacon coming up in a few seconds

Phoebe: What about me?

Chandler: What about you what?

Phoebe: Nobody asked me if I wanted any bacon.

Ross: But you don't eat meat.

Phoebe: But still it's nice to be offered

Monica: Phoebe, do you want some bacon?

Phoebe: NO! You know I don't eat meat! Ugh!

-- Opening Credits --

Still at Monica and Phoebe's

Joey (stopped up): Can somebody pass the salt, please?

Chandler: You Ok, man?

Joey: Yeah.

Just a little stopped up.

Rachel: You don't look good.

Joey (insulted): HEY! I just woke up!

Monica: No, sweetie. You do look sick

Joey: I can't be sick today. I have an audition

Joey has a sneezing fit

Chandler: And thank you for that.

Joey: Sorry

Rachel: If you're sick, you should be in bed

Joey: Really guys, I'm not that sick.

Another sneezing fit

Chandler: Does anybody want the rest of my breakfast...before Captain Germ further contaminates it?

Rachel feels Joey's forehead

Rachel: You're burning up. I want to take your temperature

Joey: Rach...

Rachel: March, now.

Joey (with a thermometer in his mouth): Rachel...

Rachel: Don't talk

Joey: But...

Rachel: Hush

Rachel takes the thermometer

Joey: I'm not sick

Rachel: And I guess a 101 temperature is normal?

Joey: I cannot miss this audition. This is the role of a lifetime!...