WB's "Friends": Secret Feelings

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"Don't let yourself go

Cause everybody cries

Everybody hurts


Chandler and Ross got back late to their dorm. They had just been to a wild party- not that either of them were personally part of the wild (as much as they would have loved that).

"Man, no chics again, what's wrong with us?" asked Chandler.

"I don't know, man," Ross replied. "I mean, we have the greatest hair, I just don't see how women can possibly resist."

Secretly, Ross didn't care. Of course, he knew he had his great hair and his great keyboard skills (even he was in awe of his "sound"), but women didn't mean a great deal to him. Well, maybe one did.

"There's a message on the machine." Chandler pressed play.

"Ross? Its your mother. Just reminding you that your sister is coming down to visit you this weekend, so be home on Saturday.

She's bringing Rachel with her." His mother paused in her message. "And maybe send Chandler out for the weekend, I don't want a bad influence on Monica."

Chandler rolled his eyes. "What is up with your mom? She so hates me."

Ross wasn't listening. Everything stopped when he heard that Rachel was coming.

Rachel . . .his little sister's best friend. Ross had had it bad for her since he was just fourteen years old. Of course, Rachel didn't even know he was alive. He was just Monica's geeky older brother. Ross hated that. Always the dinosaur guy. Rachel was so funny and pretty . . .sometimes, Ross hated those dinosaurs.

But then again, they were dinosaurs. They were too awesome to hate. Just look at those teeth!

"I hope your sister doesn't sit on me while they're here, I think I'll break."

"She's not fat, she's big...